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Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard, expert in XVth, XVIth and XVIIth Century Flemish paintings, welcomes you to his gallery, where the beauty of Flemish old masters finds a new home in the heart of art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Immerse yourself in a curated selection of XVth, XVIth, and XVIIth century

Our collection is exhibited in a flemish XVIIth century castle. Our visitors have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the period in which the paintings on display were created. It’s a real journey back in time. We showcase the rich legacy of Flemish old masters, offering a curated selection that invites you to explore the intricacies of a bygone era. Each piece is a portal to history, an opportunity to connect with the artistry and cultural richness of the past. Explore, acquire, and become a part of the legacy at Pelgrims de Bigard, where the art of yesterday meets the collectors of today.

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Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard, a distinguished expert in XVth, XVIth, and XVIIth Century Flemish paintings, stands ready to guide you through the process of building your own collection within this specialized field. Our focus is on providing the essential knowledge, market insights, and academic connections necessary for a well-rounded and informed collecting experience in Flemish old masters.

Whether you are seeking to enhance an existing collection or starting anew, our Collecting Services ensure a tailored approach that aligns with your tastes and objectives within the realm of XVth, XVIth, and XVIIth Century Flemish paintings. Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard takes pride in facilitating the acquisition of authentic and valuable pieces, ensuring a seamless and satisfying journey into the world of Flemish old masters.


With a rich network of clients and years of experience, we specialize in connecting sellers with the right buyers, ensuring optimal outcomes for your paintings. Our gallery prides itself on handling consignments from a diverse range of sources, including collectors, institutions, and private individuals. Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard is dedicated to achieving exceptional results for our consignors by meticulously evaluating each painting and strategically targeting its ideal market.

Trust Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard to navigate the intricacies of the art market on your behalf. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your artworks receive the attention and expertise they deserve, resulting in successful transactions and satisfied clients.

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Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard is committed to providing personalized advice and certificates of authenticity for your paintings. Additionally, we handle logistics by organizing transport, customs clearance, and administrative procedures for our esteemed clients.

Our Advisory Services focus on enhancing your art experience, embracing the intellectual and emotional rewards of collecting. Whether you're navigating auction sales, art fairs, or considering selling strategies for trusts or inheritors, our comprehensive advisory services are tailored to meet your unique needs.


If you wish to have your paintings restored or reframed, our team is delighted to offer professional services through our skilled restorers and framers, who have extensive experience working both with us and museums.

In the realm of Old Master Paintings, the condition and preservation are paramount for today's discerning collectors. Cédric Pelgrims de Bigard places a strong emphasis on ensuring the longevity and beauty of your paintings. Leveraging our extensive network of the finest restorers and our in-house expertise, we are committed to bringing paintings back to their original splendor.

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Nationaal Syndicat van Antiquaires (SNA)

The Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA) is one of the oldest associations of antique and art dealers in France. Its mission is to defend and promote the profession of antique dealer both in France and internationally. The SNA brings together nearly 300 members centered around a powerful code of ethics based on the principles of Authenticity - Quality - Honorability.

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Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d'Art (CINOA)

CINOA aims to protect, preserve and promote art and antiques through encouraging the international circulation of art and antiques for the trade, as well as for private and public collectors. CINOA actively campaigns on major issues affecting the sector, while working hard to promote high professional standards including the world-wide adoption of the CINOA Code of Ethics.


The Royal Chamber of Art Dealers (ROCAD), was established in 1919. Since its foundation, the Chamber has welcomed among its members antiques and art dealers who are dedicated to intergrity, honesty and ethical conduct in the art trade. The ROCAD serves the art trade in Belgium by helping it to achieve a competitive position within the international art market.

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Our experts do not confine themselves to describing a work of art, they value it and provide you with advice regarding its valuation. Whether it concerns an estimate for a sale, a partition, an inheritance or for insurance purposes, there is an expert to advise you, in the best of your interests.